The exclusive formula used by the property holding company is ideally positioned to make purchases and investments backed by current properties within the company’s portfolio. This is the reason there are only 4 (four) slots per month.(2) The proprietary buy-hold-flip structure employed by the holding company is extremely fast, but it’s not magical! We can only make these returns work according to the current availability of properties. If that wasn’t good enough- the holding company takes all the risk! We own the properties. We guarantee your payments. We analyze and secure every deal. All you do is sit back and enjoy the profits!

There will be fierce competition for every monthly slot. To assure there’s a fair and inclusive opportunity for every investor who wants to be involved, we’ve set up a process for you to reserve your slot on the calendar for up to 3 months.*(5)

*A one-time reservation fee of $495, $295 or $195 will be collected to reserve the next available slot. You can cancel your reservation and reschedule for the next available slot for up to 90 days. After that time you will have to pay another reservation fee (subject to approval and availability). This fee is non-refundable. Note - $495 fee will be reimbursed to parties whose investment is submitted in a slot during the current month. (Tier 1 & Tier 2 only)

Tier 1 - $1,000,000 investment @20% flat return for 10 years w/60% return in 18 months

$10,000/month for months 1-12

$100,000/month for months 13-18

$2353/month for months 19-120(3)


Tier 2 - $500,000 investment @ 20% flat return for 10 years w/60% return in 18 months

$5,000/month for months 1-12

$50,000/month for months 13-18

$4706/month for months 19-120(3)


Tier 3 - $25,000 investment @ 16% flat return for 3 years

$806/month for 36 months(3)


Tier 4 - $10,000 investment @ 14% flat return for 2 years

$475/month for 24 months(3)


Official Loan Agreement and Payment Schedule will be available within 2 days of slot reservation.

1- 60% return in 18 months is only applicable to the $500,000 and $1,000,000 investment tiers.

2- 4 slots available each month per tier.

3- Minus a 2% administrative fee and wire transfer fees if applicable.

4- All wire transfer fees will be paid by the Lender/Investor. Wire transfer fees will be waived for payments into U.S. bank accounts.

5- Reservation fees must be made with a credit card.

6- All investment payments must be made by wire transfer.

Get Started Today!!!

Step One - Choose an available investment tier and start date. The calendar below shows available investment start dates according to which tier you would like to invest in. You may select an available date up to 3 months in advance. However, your reservation fee is only valid for 90 days from payment of such fee. Therefore, we advise that you choose the first available date.

Step Two – Reserve your investment start date. Once you have paid the reservation fee via credit card, you will be sent a confirmation of payment and the slot you have selected.

Step Three – Sign your Official Loan Agreement and Payment Schedule. Your Official Loan Agreement and Payment Schedule will be sent to you 3-5 business days before your selected investment start date. Note – Your loan agreement must be received before your investment can be activated.

Step Four – Send your investment payment. Once your signed Official Loan Agreement and Payment Schedule are received, you will be sent the wire transfer account information. Your investment vehicle will not begin until the wire transfer is received (per the Official Loan Agreement and Payment Schedule). If your signed Official Loan Agreement is not received within 5 days of receipt of the wire transfer, your money will be returned to you (less the wire transfer fees).

That’s all it takes!

Low Risk! High Rewards! Guaranteed On-Time Payments!