Q- Will I own any property through this agreement?

A- No. All property is bought, owned and sold by the holding company.


Q- Can I send partial payments to start my investment?

A- No. All investment amounts must be remitted in full to begin the Lender/Investor agreement.


Q- Can I use a check or credit card for the initial investment amount?

A- No. Wire transfer is the only way to invest in any of the investment tiers.


Q- Can I invest in more than one tier at a time?

A- Unfortunately, due to high demand we are only able to offer one investment tier per investor at the current time. However, you may want to start at one of the lower tiers to start with, and then once the terms are fulfilled, you are free to re-invest at the same or another tier.


Q- Is there a repayment penalty?

A- NO. The borrower (Holding Company) may, at any time, repay in full, the agreed upon total amount.


Q- How will I receive my payments?

A- Your payments will be sent to your designated account via wire transfer (minus wire transfer fee) on the agreed upon date according to your payment schedule. There is a 5-7 day grace period due to business days and bank delays. Note- You will not be charged wire transfer fees if you receive payments directly into a U.S. bank account.


Q- Are my payments guaranteed?

A- Yes! Your payments and profits are backed by actual properties held within the contiguous United States. The holding company assumes all the risk and makes payments directly to you in accordance with the Official Loan Agreement.